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#The_ultimate_element_Adi #Nath_Bal_Yogi_Goraksha Nath Ji and Sant Kabir Das’s meeting with the body spirit are 100% untrue, wrong, wrong, wrong

Are unrelated

This hypocritical people, who did not have the ability to wear yoga, created a fictional story by conspiracy!

That Nath and Kabir got together and Kabir broke the pride of God Nath!

Balayogi, Swaroop_Sada_Mahayogi is Goraksha Nath, there is evidence in all ages!

And Kabir was not a yogi!
From any point of view, Yogi’s symptoms have not been reflected in the life character of Kabir!
Kabir was a poet!

The proof of Kabir is found only in Kalikal, like Sant Tulsi Das Ji, Ravi Das, poet Tansen and
Secondly, since the birth of Kabir, the entire life is a proof of character and family.
While Goraksha Nath is unborn! The exact evidence of Goraksha Nathji’s birth and place of birth, parents, family, is not mentioned in any Vedas, scriptures, Puranas, books of history till date!
While the complete horoscope of Kabir will be found in history around 600 years!
If seen in the time period, then Kabir was born 2070 years after Raja Bharathi ji’s meditation!
And Kabir has also composed a poem in the glory of Maharaj Bharthari.
Bharathi Bhoop Bhayo Veragi …
How can you forget this creation of Kabir?
This is fresh and popular!
The glory of Jogi in which Kabir has created such a beautiful creation!
Why would Kabir break the pride of that Jogi Guru Goraksh Nath ji!
And Goraksha is a yogi!
While Kabir was a sufferer!
It is foolish to say or believe that there should be a scripture between a yogi and a bhogi.
Kabir has not adopted the yoga path!
The main thing is that
There is no such creation by Kabir
In which he has mentioned that Goraksh and Kabir have been gifted!
So this cheeky set is a set of frustrated people!
Conspiracy by Kabir’s followers

It is imaginary to read Kabir and Goraks and to read and listen to the story!
So what will be proved by showing cartoons!
This fact is not 100% proven
Therefore, the truth is always different from the stories seen and heard.
Compilation … Yogi Sagar Nath Rawal
Mewar .. Rajasthan … India

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